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Vision Therapy for All Ages

Vision therapy is a non-surgical treatment that uses the principles of neuroplasticity and biofeedback to treat disorders of eye focusing, eye teaming, eye tracking, and visual perception.

With dedicated one-on-one therapy sessions and personalized treatment plans for each child’s unique visual system, our goal is to help your child reach their visual potential in school, sport, and life!

At Elite Vision Therapy, we know that every child’s vision is unique, and that’s why our vision therapy treatment plans are tailored and individualized to address and strengthen your child’s unique vision issues.

Request an appointment with us today to start improving and refining your child’s visual motor and visual perceptual skills.

Personalized Vision Care for Your Child

Vision therapy can assist with vision challenges caused by conditions such as:

  • Convergency insufficiency: a condition in which your child’s eyes are unable to work together when looking at nearby objects
  • Amblyopia: also known as lazy eye, this condition occurs when the brain relies too heavily on one eye to view objects
  • Stabismus: also known as crossed-eyes, this condition is caused by poor alignment and muscle deficiency resulting in double vision

Our vision therapy treatment programs are carefully developed to correct visual-motor or perceptual-cognitive difficulties. Treatment sessions for your children include fun activities, exercises, and procedures to help improve their visual system’s alignment, movements, and processing.

Treatment During Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is designed to address issues in the entire visual system.

As children grow up, they develop certain visual skills that help them see properly. Beyond having clear vision, their eyes and brain must work together to make sense of what the eyes are seeing and formulate these images correctly in the mind. These skills include:

  • Eye tracking—Following a moving target
  • Eye teaming—How well both eyes work together
  • Binocular vision—Fusing the separate images seen with each eye into one single image
  • Accommodation—Focusing on an object at near
  • Visual-motor integration—Hand-eye coordination

As your child progresses through the program, our approach is progressively adjusted to encourage further visual improvements over time. We offer different treatment methods at Elite Vision Therapy Centre, depending on your child’s unique vision.

Prismatic Lenses

Prism correction in your child’s glasses can help treat strabismus (crossed eyes).

Prisms in the lens work to bend light in a certain way before it enters the eye. This “bent” light can be redirected to focus more accurately on the retina, helping the brain create a clear, singular image of what the eyes are seeing.

Because strabismus can cause double vision, prism correction lenses can help a child who wears glasses see clearly.

A Dedicated Vision Therapy Team

At Elite Vision Therapy, you can expect a personalized vision therapy treatment plan for your child. We understand the importance of healthy vision from a young age and work together with your child to help them along their vision care journey.

Contact us to learn more about vision therapy and request your child’s appointment today.

Our Location

Our practice is located on Scarlett Road in Etobicoke, just south of Eglinton Avenue West and across from the Humber River.

Elite Vision Therapy is centrally located so everyone in the area can have access to the eye care they need. Can’t find us? Please give us a call!

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  • 332 Scarlett Rd., Unit 1D
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