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Etobicoke, ON

People with Diabetes Require Annual Eye Exams

Diabetes damages the small blood vessels in the body, including those in the retina. These small blood vessels may leak, releasing blood and fluid into the retina. This is called diabetic retinopathy and can become a serious, vision-threatening eye problem. That is why people with diabetes should have annual eye examinations with an optometrist. Depending on your ocular health needs, your eye doctor may suggest coming in more frequently.

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Diabetic Eye Disease

Diabetic eye disease refers to diabetic retinopathy, leaky blood vessels in the retina, and diabetic macular edema, fluid under the macula. Left untreated diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular edema may progress to permanent vision loss. For more information about diabetic eye diseases, and other eye health problems please visit our Eye Diseases page.

The best way to prevent diabetic eye disease, or at least minimize its devastating effects, is to monitor and maintain your blood sugar levels closely, to prevent blood sugar spikes and fluctuations. It is also essential to have an annual diabetic eye exam. Diabetic retinopathy is a slow, progressive condition with few, if any noticeable symptoms until you begin to experience vision loss. During your exam we will conduct all of our usual tests, and examine your retinas very carefully to ensure your eyes are healthy.

Your Diabetic Eye Exam

During your diabetic eye exam we will typically dilate your pupils, allowing us a better view of the lenses and retinas inside your eyes. This allows us to look for any signs of cataracts, retinopathy or other sight threatening diseases.

We will also discuss the importance of maintaining stable blood sugar, a healthy diet and routine exercise. If you have any questions about your diabetes or any other health or eye problem that you would like us to address, the optometrists at Elite Vision Therapy Centre would be happy to help.

The Ontario government covers the cost of annual eye exams for individuals between 20 and 64 years old who have diabetes. Don’t hesitate, schedule your diabetic eye exam with us today.

Elite Vision Therapy Centre

Located on Scarlett Road in Etobicoke, just south of Eglinton Avenue W. and across from the Humber River, Elite Vision Therapy Centre is centrally located to achieve your primary eye care and vision therapy need.

Elite Vision
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332 Scarlett Road, Unit 1D
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